**2018 OSCE-Aid Course Materials Book NOW ON SALE**

Our ‘2018 Course Book’ includes:

  • Cardiology, Respiratory, Hepatology, Renal and Neurology ‘Common Case’ lectures
  • Surgery and Orthopaedics ‘Common Case’ lectures
  • History-taking ‘Top Tips’
  • Study group scenarios: data interpretation, communication skills, epidemiology scenarios, musculoskeletal examination stations, fluid balance assessment
  • Our *UNIQUE* ‘Presenting Skills for Finals’ revision tool

We have approximately 50 books for sale this year - our 2017 books sold out fast so please place an order now if you want to get hold of one!

Price: £8.99 inc. postage (UK delivery only*)
Available: 50 copies

As we post the books out directly, minimising delivery costs to our customers, delivery takes 10-14 working days.

*For non-UK delivery, please email contact@osce-aid.co.uk before order to obtain quote for additional delivery costs - any order placed for an overseas address using our standard 'Buy Now' button will be refunded and cancelled)

Order the ‘2018 OSCE-Aid Course Materials Book’ now!

UPDATE 20.10.2018: Our 2018 Course Materials Book is no longer on sale.

written by: joel_cunningham, first posted on: 18/02/2018; 17:10


Dr Zita Csullog says...
Hi there. I am new to this website. I have a question. Is the book composed of all pdf materials on this website or it had additional informations? I have a 9 months old baby and it’s difficult to study next to her. Any suggestions from where to study for the OSCE exam? Complete guidance is needed. Thank you for your understanding:)
POSTED ON: 05/05/19, 15:04
Drards says...
From where i can buy this book, I am located in Abu Dhabi.
POSTED ON: 07/02/21, 06:23
Eltoukhy says...
Very nice site
POSTED ON: 19/01/22, 15:37

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